Steering committee

Rector of University of Jember

Random Name

Moh. Hasan, Ph.D.

Head of Research Institute of University of Jember

Random Name

Prof. Achmad Subagio


Random Name

Dr. I Dewa Ayu Susilawati

Vice Chairperson

Random Name

Dr. Soni Sisbudi Harsono

Executive Board

Dr. Iis Nur Asyiah (Biotechnology and Agriculture)

Yanuar Nurdiansyah, M.Cs (Technology and IT )

Dr. I Dewa Ayu Susilawati (Health)

Dr. Maulana S. Kusuma, Msi (Social-politic and Law)

Prof. Novi Anoegrajekti (Culture and Humanities)

Slamet Hariyadi, M.Si. (Education)

Dewi Prihatini, Ph.D (Creative Economy and Tourism)

Dr. Roy Hendroko (Publication)

JICC Reviewers

Maizirwan Mel, Phd

Research Interest : Bioprocess Design and optimalization, Bioprocess Faciliry Design and Regulatory, Fermentation Kinetics and Modeling, Bioseparation and Purification, Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Biosensor Developtment, Biopolymer and Bioceramic, Bioenergy (Bioethanol,Biodisel,BioHyddrogen and Biomethane) Production and Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Management in Bioprocess

Prof. Dr. Praptiningsih Gamawati Adinurani

Research Interest : Agronomy, Plant Sciences, Bioenergy-Biogas, Biotechnology, Organic Fertilizer, Soil Microbia, Microbia Fertilizer, Statistic Method and Experimental Design for Research

Dr. Juris Burlakovs

Professional experience : Environmental engineering industry, Research interest are directed but not limited to geochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Environmental geophysycs and geology

Dr. Zane Vincēviča-Gaile

Professional experience : environmental science, chemistry (particularly environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology) as well as in pharmacy. Her main research directions, but not limited, include studies of element content in environmental samples and food, assessment of bioavailability of elements and its transfer in food chain. She has particular interest in topics related to medical geology. She is actively participating in international collaboration and projects as well as she is involved in the European Union's database of experts

Conference committee

Dr. I Dewa Ayu Susilawati

Dr. Soni Sisbudi Harsono

Dewi Prihatini, PhD

Dr. Dina Dyah KS

Prof. Novi Anoegrajekti

Khairul Anam, PhD

Dr. Sri Subekti

Hadi Paramu, PhD

Yanuar Nurdiansyah, M.Cs

Agung Purwanto, M.Si

Dr. Maulana S. Kusuma

Yogi Kiswantoro, MM

Amam, M. P

L. Dyah Purwita Wardani., MA

Dr. Asrumi

Dr. Akhmad Haryono

Agus Trihartono, PhD

Dr. Yuli Witono

M. Zulfikar A

Dwi Wahyu A. K

Raynaldo Firly

Marsellino Unggul L